Buttocks augmentation

Buttocks augmentation in Montreal

Buttocks augmentation

Many people wonder about what the plastic cosmetic surgery of buttock augmentation is really.

Is it painful? What is the procedure? What is the recovery time after such a surgery?

The plastic cosmetic surgery of buttock augmentation has the scientific name of gluteoplasty and the popular name of butt implants.

Gluteoplasty is used to increase the volume of flat buttocks, as well as to refine their attractive shape.


Surgical approaches

The buttock augmentation can be done by fat injection (our approach) or by using silicone implants.

Fat injection

This technique is used in our surgical center. Liposuction is done to remove fat cells from the hips, thighs, back, etc.

Then, the suctioned fat is injected into the buttocks.

Buttocks augmentation using implants

They are made of silicone cohesive gel. Each implant is inserted under the muscles of the buttocks using a scar hidden in the crease between the buttocks.

We do not practice this implant technique.

Buttocks augmentation

The fat injection?

Buttock augmentation by fat injection “lipo-injection” is the technique performed in our Montreal clinic.

Fat injection or lipo-injection is used to increase the volume of the buttocks and to better sculpt their contour.

To obtain the necessary fat, liposuction on the rest of the body is performed.

Generally, the take of the injected fat is satisfactory.

It is not possible to ensure that the volume of injected fat will be taken entirely by the body. So, it is possible that the procedure may be repeated a second time a year later.

The results are considered sustainable after a period of 3 to 6 months.

The result?

For our surgeon Dr. Nabil Fanous, the natural appearance of buttock fat injection, once completed, is one of the most important objectives of a buttock augmentation.

Operated buttocks must be more voluminous, but not too big. They should not attract too much attention.

Beautiful buttocks must also bring softness to the body’s silhouette.

This is where a buttock augmentation with fat injection comes into play:

It is used to change flat buttocks in a non-exaggerated way.

Any changes or corrections must remain discreet.

Considering the importance of the buttocks because of their position, the success of such an operation is crucial.

It is essential that the buttock augmentation surgery with fat injection is done with, in mind, the overall harmony of the body.

It is important that the buttocks do not seem exaggerated after surgery.

Many of the patients who consult us for buttock augmentation by fat injection are encouraged by friends who were satisfied with a similar esthetic surgery performed by Dr. Fanous.

Seeing the result on a person we know is one of the ways to assess the skills of a surgeon.

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The anesthesia?

Your buttock augmentation by fat injection will take place without general anesthesia.

Only local anesthesia and sedation will be used in our Montreal clinic.

The duration?

Usually the plastic cosmetic surgery of buttock augmentation by fat injection is completed within two to three hours.

The procedure day?

Patients may return home one to two hours following the surgery of buttock augmentation by fat injection.

A relative or a friend must accompany them.

A service can be arranged so that you can be lodged and looked after for the first night, in case you are coming from outside of Montreal.

A telephone service is accessible for our Quebec patients, as well as for our patients from different parts of Canada and the USA, to answer any of their questions during the recovery period.

The constraints?

It is forbidden to sit directly on the buttocks for a week following the surgery of buttock augmentation by fat injection.

You must stand up and walk as early as possible.

Following the plastic cosmetic ‘gluteoplasty’ surgery by fat injection, the main restriction to be respected is to avoid training and strenuous physical activity for the following month.

The recovery time?

Recovery time is approximately one to two weeks following the surgery of buttock augmentation by fat injection.

Two weeks after the surgery, patients usually feel comfortable and are generally able to resume their work.

The postoperative bruises?

Our surgeon uses known methods to lessen the swelling as much as possible after a buttock augmentation surgery by fat injection.

On the majority of patients having undergone a buttock surgery, bruises are not very obvious at the postoperative visit ten to fourteen days after their plastic surgery of buttock augmentation with fat injection.

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The risks of buttocks augmentation?

There are rare but possible complications that can be associated with buttock fat injection such as irregularities, infection, poor fat take, anesthetic problems, skin necrosis, phlebitis, bleeding, important scarring, allergic reactions, bruising, altered sensitivity etc.

Our patients?

In Montreal, surgeon Dr. Fanous commonly operates patients from all over Quebec.

As well, many patients from all over of Canada, the USA and the rest of the world consult him.

Additional information for housing or nursing services is available at our office in Montreal during your first visit.

An experience without concern …is our goal!

The cost?

If you want to know how much the price of a plastic cosmetic surgery of buttock augmentation with fat injection is, and how much it costs, contact us by phone at 514-935-5033 or by email to get an approximate fees margin.

Your questions about buttocks augmentation?

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