Breast lift

Breast lift in Montreal

The breast lift “Mastopexy”

Many people wonder about what a cosmetic plastic surgery of the breasts really is.

Is it painful? What is the procedure? What is the recovery time after such a surgery?

The plastic cosmetic breast lift surgery has the scientific name of Mastopexy.
Mastopexy is used to lift sagging breast breast ptosis so that their appearance is more attractive.

Sagging breasts and nipples can be the result of several factors such as extreme weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Breast lift surgery mastopexy is a plastic cosmetic surgery that repositions the breast and nipple to a higher and more appealing level.

During this procedure, the extra breast skin is removed.


Surgical approaches

There are three degrees of sagging breasts:

Minimal sagging of the breasts

Only an incision around the areola (nipple) is required to correct it.

Medium sagging of the breasts

Two incisions are required: an incision around the areola (nipple) and a vertical one under the areola.

Advanced sagging of the breasts

Three incisions are required: an incision around the areola (nipple), another vertical one beneath the areola, and a third in the crease under the breast (infra-mammary).

Breast lift

With breast augmentation

If sagging breasts are too small, plastic cosmetic breast lift surgery may be accompanied by an augmentation to enlarge the breasts at the same time.

The result?

The most important goal for Dr. Fanous, regarding the breast lift plastic surgery, known as mastopexy, is to achieve a natural appearance of the breasts.

Nice breasts should be unobtrusive. They should not be too eye-catching.

All breast changes or corrections must remain discreet.

Many of the patients who consult us for breast lift surgery are encouraged by friends or family members who have had the same cosmetic surgery by Dr. Fanous.

To see the result on a person that we know is one of the ways to assess the skills of a surgeon.

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The anesthesia?

Your breast lift mastopexy will take place without general anesthesia.

Only local anesthesia and sedation will be used.

The duration?

Generally, two to three hours are necessary to perform a plastic cosmetic breast lift surgery.

The procedure day?

Patients can return home one to two hours following the breast lift surgery.

A relative or a friend must accompany them.

If the patient comes from outside of Montreal, a service can be arranged for accommodation and supervision for the first night.

For our patients from Quebec, as well as from different parts of Canada and the USA, a telephone service is available to answer any of their questions during the recovery period.

The constraints?

After a breast lift surgery, the main restriction that must be met is to avoid strenuous physical activity and training for the next month.

The recovery time?

The approximate duration required for recovery is about two weeks.

Patients usually feel comfortable returning to work one to two weeks following a breast lift surgery.

The bruises?

Our surgeon uses known methods to limit the postoperative swelling to a minimum.

In a majority of patients having undergone a ‘mastopexy’, bruises are usually not obvious at their post-operative visit two weeks after their surgery.

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The risks of breast lift?

As is the case in other surgeries, there are rare complications that may be associated with the procedure of breast lift ‘mastopexy’ such as bleeding, skin necrosis, infection, hypertrophic scarring, allergic reactions, anesthesia reactions, etc.

Our patients?

In Montreal, Dr. Fanous operates regularly patients from all over Quebec.

As well, he is consulted by many patients from all over Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.

Additional information for housing or nursing services is available at our office in Montreal during your first visit.

An experience without concern…is our goal!

The cost?

If you want to know how much the price of a plastic cosmetic surgery of breast lift surgery, and how much it costs, contact us by phone at 514-935-5033 or by email to get an approximate fees margin.

Your questions about breast lift?

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