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Filler injections in Montreal

The filler injections

Facial fillers are used for esthetic purposes. During the last two decades, they have been rising in popularity among the large public. Not only are they in big demand by movie stars and high-profile professionals, but they are also thought after by ordinary people.

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Filler injection

What are they used for?

Fillers are ideal for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation without invasive means and with a short recuperation period.

Injectable fillers are used to enhance facial contours and to turn them into younger-looking appealing ones. They can be helpful in filling out facial lines, as well as depressions in the skin surface made by old scars.

As we age, cheeks become sunken, lips undergo shrinkage and facial wrinkles become deeper. Fillers are an ideal, easy and reasonably safe way of augmenting these deficiencies.

Indeed, fillers can be used in all areas of the face, including temples, chin, mandibular angles, etc. to compensate for the loss of fatty volume associated with age, in all the face and neck areas.

In other words, the use of fillers has numerous indications:

  • Depression of the cheek areas: due to the age or heredity.
  • Deep nasolabial (folds): also called smile lines.
  • Wrinkles around the outer end, or angle, of each eye: also called crow`s feet. These periorbital lines are especially evident with smiling.
  • Deep furrows below the angles of the month: these lines, called marionette lines, arise from the oral commissures and give a sad expression to the person
  • Wrinkles around the lips: especially above them, between the lips and the nose. These wrinkles are vertical ones, and are sometimes called smoker’s lines, because they are often caused by the repeated contractions of the lips while smoking. These lines are also exacerbated by exposure to sun, which in addition to that gives the skin an unattractive leathery consistency.
  • Thin lips: due to heredity or age. Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty. Attractive lower lips should be more voluminous than the upper ones. Fillers are very efficient in restoring the overall volume of the lips, as well as the ideal proportional volumes of the lower and upper lips.
  • Depressed acne scars: acne has devastating effects on young people. It starts by giving them unsightly red papules and pustules, and then leaves them later with ugly scars. Fillers are an excellent tool to improve these scars and are an adjunct to other treatments such as skin resurfacing by laser.
  • Fine facial lines
  • Glabellar lines: these are wrinkles present between the brows, above the root of nose. They are also called frown lines, since they are caused by years of frowning. Although Botox is very efficient in attenuating these wrinkles, fillers are often still needed to complete the correction.
  • Flat chin: this phenomenon is usually due to either genetics or aging. Although a chin implant is often used to improve this condition, it remains to be a surgery. Many persons prefer the less invasive alternative of using fillers to augment the weak chin.

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What is hyaluronic acid?

The main product used in the majority of filler injections is “Hyaluronic Acid”.

It is available as an injectable gel.

Hyaluronic acid is used as an anti-aging injection to fill and reduce facial wrinkles.

Also, it can compensate for the loss of volume in certain areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, jowls, temples, angles of the mandibles, etc.

The outcome?

The top goal of injected fillers is the harmonious appearance of the face once these injections are completed. It is important to understand that the result of an injection session depends less on the type of filler, and more on the doctor’s plan for the injection. What really counts is how much product is injected in each area and in each layer of tissues (superficial or deep)

Most fillers are temporary and last between few months to one or two years depending on the type of product injected.

The trade names?

The injections made of hyaluronic acid may come under different trade names:

  • Restylane: for wrinkles and lips
  • Juvederm: for wrinkles and lips
  • Perlane: for wrinkles and lips
  • Voluma: for cheeks, mandibles angles, temples, etc.
  • Emervel: for cheeks, mandibles angles, temples, etc.
  • Etc.

The duration of action?

Hyaluronic acid injections are absorbable.

The more viscous the hyaluronic acid gel is, the more it survives in the tissues.

Regular injections (ex: Restylane, Juvederm, etc.) last 4 to 6 months.

Thicker injections (ex: Voluma, Emervel, Perlane, etc.) last longer, between 9-18 months. They are ideal for increasing the volume of the cheeks, temples, etc. They are also more expensive.

The injection session?

The injection session causes little discomfort and lasts only a few minutes.

A slight redness or edema (swelling) may be present for one to two days. To accelerate its disappearance, cold compresses may help.

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The risks of filler injections?

There are possible but infrequent complications that can be associated with these injections, such as inflammation, infection, allergic reactions, skin necrosis, etc.

The cost?

How much the price of an injection of the lips, cheeks and wrinkles is, and how much it costs depends on the injected area, the density of the hyaluronic acid, the length of the result and the total volume injected.

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