Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Montreal

The laser hair removal

Patients often have questions about what the esthetic treatment of laser hair removal really is.

Is it painful? What is the procedure? What is the recovery time for this kind of cosmetic treatment?

Laser hair removal provides permanent hair removal by destroying the hair follicles of the skin of the face and body.

To date, millions of laser hair removal treatments have been conducted around the world.


The treated body areas

The safety of laser hair removal to be used on all parts of the body has been tested and proven to be safe enough for medical use.

Hair laser removal has also been shown to be an effective approach to unwanted hair in different body parts, such as the upper lips, cheeks, whole face, neck, chest, underarms, bikini area, arms, legs, abdomen, breasts and back.

Laser Hair Removal

The course?

The function of laser hair removal is to target any dark pigment (melanin) in the skin.

Since the base of the hair is usually darker than the rest of the skin, it is specifically targeted. The laser hair removal generates sufficient heat at the hair follicle (root) of each hair to cause its destruction, while trying to preserve the surrounding skin intact.

This is why the laser hair removal machine emits a jet of cold air for the cooling and protection of the skin in the hairy area.

The hair should not be too long during the treatment because it can cause skin injury. Therefore, the area to be treated must be shaved two to three days before the esthetic laser hair removal treatment so that the technician can see the emergence of the hair.

Depending on the speed of the hair growth, 1-2 months is generally recommended between the sessions.

An experience without concern… is our goal!

The pre-treatment preparation?

The following are important instructions to be followed before your treatment session:

–      Do not pluck hairs or use waxing for few weeks before treatment.

–      Ideally, you should shave the hair short the morning of the treatment, or shave it few days before. The idea is to have very short hair during the treatment, rather than no hair or too long hair.

–      Avoid exposing your skin to the sun for at least three months prior to treatment. This is because a sun tan will tend to absorb the laser light and may increase the chance of burning the skin!

–      If you had Herpes infection in the past in or near the area to be treated, you may need to take anti-viral pills before and following the laser session.

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The anesthesia?

An anesthetic cream may be applied lightly on targeted areas before the laser hair removal session.

Thanks to the cold air jet, the laser hair removal is not a very painful procedure. During the session, a slight heat can be felt.

How long does each session take?

The esthetic laser hair removal treatment is usually completed between half an hour to two hours, depending on how many areas are treated and on how large these areas are.

For example, treating the upper lips or the chin areas could take between 5 to 10 minutes. Treating the armpits, the cheeks or the bikini line could take about 15 to 20 minutes. Large areas, such as the back, the arms or the legs can take an hour or more.

Does it hurt?

The laser machine sprays the skin surface with a cooling substance “cryogen” that freezes it for few milliseconds before being hit by the laser beam. This technology makes the treatment much more comfortable for the patient.

The constraints?

The main restriction that must be respected after the esthetic cosmetic laser hair removal treatment is to avoid sun exposure during the following month.

The result?

Hair doesn’t all grow at the same time. It follows a cycle of four phases: birth, growth, aging and death.

The laser targets the hair in its growing phase, called “growth cycle” or “active cycle”, hence the need to perform several sessions to remove the hair during the proper hair cycle.

Most skins are candidates for laser hair removal, except in the cases of white hair or of very dark skin.

It takes a minimum of 4 to 8 sessions to epilate a light skin with laser hair removal, and much more sessions for the dark skin.

The majority of patients who consult us for laser hair removal are encouraged by friends or family members who have had this treatment done with us in the past.

Seeing the result on a person that we know is one of the ways to assess the skills of a clinic.

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The post-treatment care?

After each treatment session, you need to apply a cold compress to the treatment area. This should help making you more comfortable. A cooled gel-containing pack may also be used as an alternative. If the compress or pack is too cold, you could place a thin cotton handkerchief over the skin, in between it and the cold compress or pack, to protect the skin from frostbite.

Following every laser hair removal treatment, the skin undergoes temporary mild redness and swelling for few days. During this sensitive period, you should avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin, as well as avoiding the use of chemically abrasive creams or solutions.

Finally, it is crucial to avoid exposing your skin to the sun. Staying in shady areas and using sunscreen with SPF of 40 or more is advisable. Hats and sunglasses are also helpful in protecting your skin against the detrimental effects of the solar rays.

The risks of laser hair removal?

Like in any skin treatment, laser hair removal has risks.

The main risks are: brown spots, white spots, superficial burns on the treated areas, risk of scarring, etc.

Most side effects are reversible within a few months.

Rays emitted by hair removal lasers only penetrate a few millimeters into the skin, which makes their effect very superficial.

The cost?

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