Wrinkles treatment with CO2 laser

Wrinkles laser treatment in Montreal

The CO2 laser for wrinkles

Many people wonder about what a wrinkle treatment with CO2 laser really is.

Is it painful? What is the procedure? What is the recovery time for this kind of plastic cosmetic treatment?

The wrinkle treatment with CO2 laser has the scientific name of Ultra Pulsed CO2 Laser Resurfacing.

This precise CO2 laser computerized technique allows reducing the wrinkles and fine facial lines in all areas of the face and neck, such as lower eyelids wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles, vertical wrinkles around the mouth, etc.

The laser resurfacing treatment with the CO2 laser is effective as well for traumatic and acne scars.


The effect on the skin

The CO2 laser resurfacing causes visible skin shrinkage instantaneously, even while the treatment is taking place.

The calculated heat delivered to the skin causes thermal lesion to the surface and deep tissues of the skin, leading to the future remodeling of all skin layers.

During the following few months, there will be a new growth of collagen and skin cells, leading to the rejuvenation of the damaged old skin.

Wrinkles treatment with CO2 laser

The result?

The most important concern for Dr. Nabil Fanous in the case of laser treatment for wrinkles, after the safety of his patients, is the harmonious and natural appearance of the skin after the laser treatment is completed.

The whole face appears refreshed and rejuvenated.

The skin becomes firmer, more toned and of a better quality.

The technique

Given the abrasion power of the CO2 laser, a preparation of the skin with different products is necessary 30 days before the session.

The CO2 laser core comprises a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium.

The ultra-pulsed CO2 laser combines high power with a short pulse duration, which allows the use of precise ablations with less chances of damaging the skin.

The ultra-pulsed CO2 laser is an effective instrument that stimulates the production of new collagen. It allows for skin renewal by its ‘in depth’ action.

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The anesthesia?

The ultra-pulsed CO2 laser treatment for wrinkles takes place without general anesthesia.

Only local anesthesia and sedation are used.

The duration?

The cosmetic CO2 laser treatment for wrinkles of the face and neck is usually completed in one hour.

The procedure day?

Patients can go home an hour or two after the surgery.

They must be accompanied by a relative or friend.

A telephone service is accessible for our Quebec patients, as well as for our patients form different parts of Canada and the USA, to answer any of their questions during the recovery period.

The constraints?

After the surgery, the main restriction that must be met after the aesthetic treatment of CO2 laser for wrinkles is to avoid sun exposure.

The recovery time?

The recovery time is approximately two to three weeks.

The face is very red for 8 days, and then the redness gradually diminishes.

During the following first two days, the skin looks spotted, reddish and peeling. Watery yellowish secretions may be seen on the surface.

During the four following days, the skin continues to peel. Crusts may be seen over the surface. Lukewarm showers are very helpful during this period. The skin may be sensitive and itchy.

Starting on the 6th day, bright pink facial areas start to reveal the newly rejuvenated skin. All symptoms start to resolve gradually.

By the 8th to 10th day, the face should be pink in color and may be tanned in certain areas.

The redness (erythema), seen mostly during the first post-treatment week, is caused by an increase of the blood flow to the skin. This enhanced blood supply is necessary to support the growth of new collagen and tissues induced by the action of the laser CO2 resurfacing. The redness tends to fade slowly and in a gradual manner starting on the second week following the laser resurfacing session.

Along the redness, moderate swelling of the face will be noticed, secondary to the trauma inflicted by the thermal effects of the laser rays. This edema, however, tends to subside by the end of the first post-treatment week.

In patients with ethnic-type skin, hyperpigmentation (dark spotting) may be noticed right after the peel. In most cases, the spots gradually get lighter in color over the following two weeks. However, in some Asian or Mediterranean patients, the tanned areas may become even darker for few weeks before starting to clear up.

Eight to ten days after treatment, the redness can be concealed with makeup.

Antibiotics and anti-herpes treatments are usually taken for 10 days.

Patients feel comfortable returning to work two weeks after the surgery.

It takes few months for the skin to complete its healing and to reveal a healthier-looking, younger and rejuvenated facial skin.

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The risks of CO2 laser for wrinkles?

As in the case of other treatments, there are infrequent complications that may be associated with the esthetic treatment procedure of the CO2 laser, such as hyperpigmentation (brown spots), herpes outbreak, infection, marked scarring, allergic reactions, etc.

Our patients?

In Montreal, surgeon Dr. Fanous commonly operates patients from all over Quebec.

As well, he is consulted by many patients from the rest of Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.

An experience without concern… is our goal!

The cost?

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