Injection de graisse au visage

Rhinoplasty without surgery Montreal

Rhinoplasty without surgery in Montreal

Every few months, some noses can be modified with filler injections, without surgery.


  1. Bump (on top of the nose): It becomes less obvious by injecting above it and below it.
  2. Deviated nose: The nose looks more straight when filler injections are used on the depressed side.
  3. A large nose: The nose may look smaller when filler injections are introduced in the areas surrounding it, like the cheeks, the lips, and the chin.
  4. Irregularities on the surface of the nose: These irregularities are due to natural causes, or are due to a previous nose surgery, or following a traumatic incident. By filling the depressions over the tip and dorsum, the nasal surface becomes more smooth.


Nasal injections must be performed by a physician who has a lot of experience because of the possible complications such as: irregularities, asymmetry, swelling, redness, vascular occlusion, etc.

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